I paint my everyday life and that of those around me. I like to paint interiors, small conversations, the silence of the train, winter Sundays and long summer afternoons. I paint scenes from inside the homes, between the windows, through the facades of the cities that I like. I work professionally in painting and my life is in my workshop in Maresme, Barcelona. After combining painting for years with a job as a designer, I finally decided to dedicate myself to painting. I am inspired by music, books, bookstores and Parisian bistros, antique shops in Istanbul and interiors in Porto. I am inspired by Brittany, Morbihan, Provence, Charente Maritime, the Balearic Islands and the coast that surrounds me. I draw and sketch wherever I go, you may have seen me drawing on a train and you don’t know who I am, behind a notebook. And above all, I am inspired by my three children and my couple Roger.